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About the Free Website Review

We offer website reviews as a free service to help website owners get the most from their online marketing.

How We Review Your Website

Prior to the review meeting, we use specialized software to perform Google searches and analyze the results. This software also scans your website and your competitor’s websites and provides insights as to how they compare.

Next we do a manual review of your website and note how well you’re portraying your brand, communicating your unique value proposition, and providing a clear call to action for your visitors. We also check for any technical issues that should be addressed.

We review the results of the software and along with a hands-on manual review, create an action plan consisting of the most beneficial updates you should consider making to your website.

What We Look At

While each review is customized for each website, areas that are often discussed are:

  • Why your competitors appear before your website on Google
  • What you can do to improve your position for specific search terms
  • Discuss the difference between organic, local and paid Google listings
  • How to make it easy for website visitors to do what you want them to do
  • Ways to differentiate your brand and website from your competitors
  • How to analyze the visitor data for your website, or how to start tracking data if you’re not currently doing so
  • How to make sure your website adheres to best practices in design and structure
  • How to utilize social media to get more visitors to your website
  • How to make sure your website works properly on mobile devices

Your Review Meeting

Review meetings are typically about 45 minutes and can be held at our office or via conference call. To allow for testing, meetings should be scheduled at least 2-3 day in advance. If you choose the conference call option, you’ll need to be at a computer with internet access during the call.

Our Promise

Yes, this is a way for us to meet potential clients, but we don’t discuss our services with you during the review unless you ask us to. The information we provide is completely free and while we’d love to help you with your website, there is no expectation that you’ll do business with us now or in the future.

Find out how you can get better results from your website with a free no obligation review.