15 Search Engine Optimization Tools To Check Out

15 Search Engine Optimization Tools To Check Out
The first term any new entrepreneur learns when beginning an online marketing campaign is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is vital to the success of any website. There are two basic ways people find websites to purchase the items or services they are looking for: the first is word of mouth, the second and most important by far is via a search engine.

Word of mouth marketing is great. If you have satisfied customers who talk about your products online, or post information about you and your company in forums or social media outlets, that’s a good place to start. Even then, you will still need to be concerned with SEO, but having both areas covered is the most assured path to success. When new business owners are just getting started, word of mouth traffic sources are going to be slim at best.
The good news is that with a good SEO plan even a startup that hasn’t had a chance to get a foothold in consumer satisfaction spreading the word about their products can have traffic to their site. The steps to building your online empire begin with a great product and building a great site, but without SEO to bring people to your website, the best of the best will not produce sales.
In an SEO campaign the desire is to achieve first page rank or as close to the top of the page as possible. Having a website ranked between 1 and 5 on the first page will ensure the viewer sees what they are searching for.  Getting to those positions can be time consuming and sometimes costly. In order to get to one of those coveted positions and stay there, big companies often employ high-powered marketing firms. This becomes quite expensive very fast.
Smaller business owners often cannot afford such extravagant fees, especially in the initial stages of their efforts. With the invention of the internet came a great equalization that allowed individuals and small companies to compete globally (& locally) with huge corporations—although that’s true, SEO sometimes seems to disrupt that level playing field.
Because of the costs of marketing to get to the top, many small business flounder in a sea of products and websites that never get the traffic needed to produce sales. A few however, understand that the only way to truly compete in this brave new world is to either spend the money for a marketing specialist, or learn to do it themselves. It takes time to get it right, but once you learn the concepts of SEO, and learn to use the tools available to everybody from the most prestigious marketing firm to the newest of budding entrepreneurs, the playing field is once again leveled. A well developed SEO plan brings the world to your website. In order to give you the best start in your online marketing strategy, here is a listing of the top SEO tools that all online businesses can employ to increase exposure and improve sales.
1.  AdWords/AdSense:
Google is the reigning king when it comes to search engines, and the tools designed by them to get websites top ranking spots in their search engine as well as on other search engines. Google offers two separate and yet cooperative programs that work together to create a top notch marketing tool for SEO. These are AdWords and AdSense. AdSense lets a business owner set up the keywords and track website traffic to get a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of a campaign. AdWords lets you as a business owner pick a price per keyword to create a paid listing at the top of the search engine listing for your chosen keywords. 
Having a website that shows up in the advertisement rotation on the top or side of the page for viewers is very attractive. These ad spots are top level spaces, and while consumers are getting more and more sophisticated when it comes to advertising, these spots are often not recognized as paid ads, because they blend into the random page listings.
Another plus to using AdWords/AdSense is its tracking. The statistic pages let business owners see where traffic they generate is coming from. This lets you target your audience more efficiently as you continue your marketing campaign.
Business owners can choose how to use AdWords and AdSense from Google. They can use all of the tool’s options, or simply use the keyword planner to obtain the best keywords for their SEO articles and webpages.

***WARNING:  If setup incorrectly and not monitored, this route could be highly cost ineffective.  We strongly recommend finding a Google Certified Partner to do AdWords or AdSense with.   Google Certified Partners are those individuals and agencies that Google deems knows their stuff.  They’ve proven themselves in the field.  All others who say they do AdWords/AdSense most likely do not have the appropriate training or expertiese to run a campaign for you. 

2.  SEMrush:
This program is a powerful tool to help business owners determine the best price to pay for keyword advertising. This is an invaluable tool when considering CPC advertising (CPC stands for cost per click). You can also use SEMrush to determine the best keywords for your items, services or products, and then decide if they are affordable to use in your current marketing program. SEMrush offers both free and paid services. Even the free option will allow business owners to get up to 10 keywords, and run reports on their website to determine if they are optimized for best search engine results.
3.  Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools:
Developing a powerful sales website is tricky. One of the issues many business owners combat is finding broken links. These can be their own links or backlinks provided as a service to consumers. Tools like Internet Marketing Ninjas are beneficial because they help analyze all aspects of your site to be sure it is operating at peak efficiency. Along with broken links, business owners can do side-by-side comparisons of their site to that of a competitor to see how they measure up. You can check the loading speed of your page to ensure visitors won’t be discouraged by long waits for pictures or text to show up. Internet Marketing Ninjas tools also let you generate meta tags, generate robot text and establish redirects when necessary.
4.  SEO Book:
SEO Book is a useful tool that is free and easy to use. It contains helpful analysis tools that let you determine the strength of your current SEO plan and tools to let you build up your campaign. There are keyword generators, a spider test to let you see how search engines will react to your pages and more.
5.  Moz Local:
For some business owners, a global campaign is not required. Selling services that are provided in person mean that most companies are going to want to market to a particular location. Businesses such as movie theaters, health care providers, home repair services, restaurants, bars or retail stores need to find consumers in their neighborhood, not on another continent. Even so, having an online marketing strategy is still necessary. Where people used to look to the local yellow pages for a company nearby that had a service or product they needed, more and more consumers are looking online to find even the closest businesses for their needs. Moz Local helps with the needs of location specific businesses so that their online marketing campaigns will target those consumers who can most use their services.
6.  Moz’s Open Site Explorer:
This dedicated website tool provides a business owner with the ability to do a little espionage on competitor sites. By inputting a competitor’s URL you can instantly see what anchor text is being used, how their page ranks on search engine results and how it compares to your own site. Moz Open Site also helps you find the best backlinks for your site and build your SEO strategy.
7.  SearchMetrics Suite:
The SearchMetrics program is a complete tool for analyzing your website’s SEO performance. It includes easy to read diagrams and graphs to illustrate where you stand in your campaign and how it compares to the competition that exists online. The program integrates easily with Google Analytics, and exports all information to other tools used easily. While there is no free option for this very extensive program, there is a free demo available to let business owners see how it works before purchasing.
8.  Raven Tools:
Raven Tools is a strong, but easy to use SEO package that has a free 30-day trial so business owners can test their results. It looks for backlinks, and checks for broken links. One standout feature of Raven Tools is its iPad app. It allows you to keep up with your website statistics while one the move, and always be on top of your marketing plans. Along with backlinks, users can test their social marketing exposure and manage both Facebook and Twitter accounts from the app or their desktop. A useful link in the Raven Tools toolbox is a link to Textbroker, a marketing tool that gives you the power to purchase content for your site right from your program.
9.  Market Samurai:
Business owners new to the internet looking for ways to develop SEO are always afraid of creating “black hat” tactics. There’s good reason for that. A lot of information out there on ways to improve a website’s performance can be risky. The fact that search engines, especially Google, are always on the alert now for new methods being used to circumvent their algorhythms makes understanding SEO even more difficult for new marketers. Market Samurai only uses white hat techniques so new marketers can feel assured they will be developing a strong website that has safe features that will pass search engine scrutiny.
10.  SEO Engine:
Developing your presence online is difficult, but once you have your site established you need to find a tool that will give you the best information regarding its ongoing effectiveness. SEO Engine is a powerful way to keep up with how your website is performing on a variety of search engines so you can make sure it has the best visibility. It keeps track of the viability of your chosen keywords, and suggests new ones to replace those that have begun to slip in their stats. SEO Engine also shows you where you rank in comparison to your competitors and provides detailed analysis of your keywords and paid visibility.
11.  Specialized SEO programs:
There are many times that special programs will do a better job in certain aspects of SEO development than a package program. Some of these programs are not available in other packages at all, but they are important parts of keeping track of performance or developing an internet presence for your company. The following programs will help you further fill out your SEO campaign and get the most out of your online traffic.
12.  Wildfire Social Media Monitor:
SEO has been a part of internet marketing for over a decade, but social media is a relative newcomer to the online business arena. Even though it is comparatively new, it is a very powerful tool that cannot be ignored. Wildfire Social Media Monitor helps internet marketers track their performance and make regular posts to the main social media sites. This program boasts both a computer version and an app so that users can access their account from anywhere to stay current with their online presence. Wildfire Social Media Monitor lets users compare their company’s FaceBook and Twitter performance by likes, followers, tweets, and checkins.
13.  Trackur:
Trackur is another social monitoring tool that is easy to use and has a free trial to let users get a feel for its features before purchasing. There is also a free version of Trackur that offers updates once a day for one set of search criteria. Although results are limited and only show 100 recent entries, the free service can be very useful in conjunction with other resources. Paid members get a much more comprehensive service, real time monitoring of their social media presence, and not only checks FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter, but also checks communities and forums where presence is located.
14.  Copyscape:
Getting people to your website is extremely important, but once they are there, the quality of the content you present to them is what will sell your items. Having high quality text is necessary, but search engines can’t really tell good content from bad content. What they can tell is if that content is plagiarized. Check to make sure your content is unique by running it through Copyscape.
15.  Kontent Machine – link building:
Creating content is a vital part of building a working website that will attract consumers and encourage them to make purchases. Getting high quality articles to support your site can be expensive, and when building links with related content on other sites, you need even more versions of the same article. Kontent Machine is a program that helps recreate your content and develop and unlimited stream of work for you to keep up a unique and active presence online.

In the end it’s always better to partner with a web design company who really knows what they are doing.  They’ve spent the time training and have real world practice of their craft.  Spend your time working on what you love, your business or non profit.  Let the professionals do what they love.  

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