An Ugly Website Is Bad For Business, Find Out Why

An Ugly Website Is Bad For Business, Find Out Why

An ugly website is a detriment to otherwise good businesses. It’s easy to invest a lot of time and money into marketing and advertising just to have potential customers be turned away by the design of your website.

This is the sort of situation that professional marketing consultants walk in to when they’re brought into a new job. The website’s already set up, and many internal influences aren’t able to look at their own site with a critical eye. Like a mother’s opinion of her baby, the owners of a badly designed website likely won’t be able to see its glaring flaws.  It happens all the time, as human beings will naturally try to look at the brighter side of investments they’ve made, even if those investments are in truth hurting them. It’s very hard to go to the internal influences and say that the website they’re responsible for is atrocious and needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up.

This sort of direct attack is a hard sell for clients who’ve convinced themselves that their website looks phenomenal, and this method actually rarely works. What most successful marketers and consultants will do is collect pertinent data that’ll show their clients how much of a detriment their ugly website truly is.

One easy way to collect data is by conducting surveys. These surveys won’t need a huge sample size, but it’s important to draw from two distinct groups of people. Those groups are existing customers and potential customers.  Have these two groups rate the website in question against a few websites of their top competitors to see how they stack up. A lot of times what happens is that current customers will rate the site very favorably, as they’ve already been sold on the idea and are fine with it. These are actually who the internal influences are in contact with the majority of the time. Which is one of the reasons why it can be hard for them to see how ugly their website truly is.

What needs to be focused on is the newer customers. That is where it’s easy to drum up new business. This is why you want a website that converts visitors into customers. Once the website has been rated and it’s been discovered that potential customers have an unfavorable view of the website, then go and try to correct the problem.  Search for a web design agency that produce beautiful and effective websites that work. Don’t just settle for the first web design agency that turns your eye. Do the research. Make sure that each of you are a good match to one another.

Remember, going with actual customer data about a website design rather than personal preference, is a highly successful strategy. Not sure about your own website? Setup a free website evaluation here.

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