Cann Systems

Cann Systems

(Bangor, Maine) July 26, 2017- Links Web Design is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Cann Systems LLC. They are based out of Boulder, Colorado, and are a subsidiary of Nyle Systems LLC, located in Brewer, Maine. Cann Systems sells state of the art, energy efficient, closed system, drying & curing units made right here in the USA! They have a variety of models which can accommodate from small amounts of cannabis, to large harvests.

Cann Systems makes high quality drying and curing machines specifically for the legal cannabis industry. Different sizes and models of dryers can accommodate different crop sizes. The closed system helps protect against mold, mildew, and bugs. You can set the drying and curing process remotely from your smartphone, and adjust it to meet your needs.

About Cann Systems:
Cann Systems is a company specifically founded to develop products and equipment for the legal Cannabis industry. Our initial focus is on commercial size drying and curing equipment.
We are a subsidiary of Nyle Systems, a US based manufacturing company based in Brewer, Maine. Nyle has a 40 year track record of building drying equipment. Cann Systems has its sales and marketing offices in Boulder, Colorado. Its manufacturing and design facility is based in Brewer, Maine.

Cann Systems LLC
Boulder, Colorado 80302

(303) 300-1100