Don’t Waste Time Fishing For Great Ad Copy

Don’t Waste Time Fishing For Great Ad Copy

Many would say that the sport of fishing is more about technique than luck. You can cast your line as many times as you want, but unless there’s a little technical know-how involved, the chances that you end up reeling in The Big One can be pretty slim. The same can be said when it comes to writing effective ad copy that increases your conversion rate. Whether the ad is for a newspaper, flyer, or Google AdWords campaign, be sure your text includes a hook, line, and sinker.

1) The Hook: An Intriguing Headline

The Hook (aka the headline) of your ad copy is like the bait at the end of your fishing line. It should stand out from other ads, and attract your target audience. Don’t go too overboard – simple is almost always better. Sometimes simply stating your business name is enough to set you apart from the competition.

2) The Line: Strong Supporting Text

You’ve given your audience a taste of what you have to offer with The Hook, and now it’s time to reinforce it by offering strong supporting text that helps to establish a positive rapport. For example, if your Hook stated your business name, “Fred’s Waffle Shop,” then the Line could say something like “Family Owned Since 1970.” This tells customers you’ve been around long enough to know what you’re doing, and that your service reflects years of experience.

3) The Sinker: A Call To Action

Your customer is interested in your ad – now it’s time to reel ’em in. The Sinker should clearly state the action that you want your customer to take; for example: “Call Today!” or “Sign Up Now!” If your Hook and Line have done their jobs and helped to foster a positive relationship, then your Sinker should seal the deal and score you a conversion.

All in all, people browsing ads usually know what they want, just not where to get it. The goal of writing an ad is to introduce yourself to potential customers and tell them why they should choose you. Making sure to include a Hook, Line, and Sinker in your ad is a simple way to promote your business and increase overall conversion rate.
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