Evoke Emotions With Your Website Colors

Evoke Emotions With Your Website Colors

When it comes to your website, first impressions are everything. Sure, there’s the age-old expression “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” – but it’s difficult to get someone’s attention without catching their eye first! As soon as customers land on your website, their brains will automatically start to associate your site with specific emotions based on its use of colors.

Here are a few popular colors, their common connotations, and how we’ve implemented them appropriately into websites for our clients:


The most aggressive color, red often times communicates danger. It is the color of blood and stop signs, and is also associated with fire and feelings of hunger.

    • When to use it: useful when designing a website for a food-related product, such as this meat distribution business web design we created:

  • When to avoid it: if a large part of your business is establishing a trusting, emotional connection with your clients (ie. medical services), versus selling a particular product


Orange can be an effective alternative to red. While not as aggressive, orange is a robust color that people often associate with strength and endurance.

    • When to use it: to draw attention to a particular object, as we did with the “Get A Free Estimate” button on our website design below:

  • When not to use it: as the main color for your site, as it can come across too overpowering and detract from other aspects of your website


Shades of green typically remind people of nature, and conjure a sense of growth and freshness. It is also the color of money, and the color that signals “Go” on a traffic light.

    • When to use it: ideal for nature-based or restorative products and services, like gardening or skin care products

  • When to avoid it: if your business isn’t focused on nature or feelings of renewal


Blue is used frequently in web designs because of it’s ability to evoke feelings of trust, relaxation, comfort, and loyalty.

    • When to use it: implement shades of blue when it’s particularly important to establish a solid rapport with your clients, like this website we designed for the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce:

  • When to avoid it: blue is a versatile color and can be implemented into any website design


In the past, people have associated black with darkness or evil, but in more recent times it has evolved into an indicator of luxury, elegance, formality and strength.

    • When to use it: helpful if you want to establish yourself in a luxury market, such as a pricey hotel or fancy watch collection. In the example below, we helped communicate the value of stone and hearth products and services:

  • When to avoid it: if you are trying to promote a product or service that you don’t want to be exclusive to a higher-end market.

Choosing your website colors wisely plays a key role in getting you closer to achieving your business goals. When you meet with your web design agency to discuss the creation of your website, don’t be afraid to communicate which colors you like and be open to constructive feedback. Often times, even if a specific hue may not work for a main site color, a web designer can still find a way to incorporate it.
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