Google+ – What Is It and How to Use It

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Many businesses are using Google Plus to promote their products and services. Google Plus is a social networking site owned by Google Incorporated. The site has two main components: the front end and the back end. The front end component is what people see when they log in to their Google Plus accounts. The front end is the user interface that allows you to do things on Google Plus. The back end is the component that you do not see; it resides in Google’s massive database. There are many advantages of using Google Plus to promote your business.

How Does Marketing your Business on Google Plus Provide Value?
Gain Recognition
Marketing your business on Google Plus plays an important role in its success. Promoting your business on Google Plus provides value in many ways, but the biggest benefit is recognition. You know your Google Plus marketing plan and strategy is successful when your company is recognized and your brand is trusted. While it may be difficult to see your business’ level of recognition on the Internet, a sound marketing plan can help you increase recognition, and hopefully, sales.

Build Trust
If you have a sound marketing plan in place, you will increase your brand recognition. However, the best type of recognition is one that will help build trust in your firm. Trust will lead people to put faith in your products and services and choose your firm over the competition. To build trust online using Google Plus, you must employ Internet marketing techniques that provide your target market with the type of information they require to set yourself apart from the competition.

Gain New Customers
The right Google Plus marketing techniques will help your business build recognition and gain the trust of your clients, which will attract more customers and clients. Marketing your products and services on Google Plus will help you gain brand recognition and more people will want your products and services. Google Plus works well with various Internet sales tracking systems to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Build Relationships
Once you build brand recognition and trust, it is important to continue marketing on Google Plus to attract new clients to your business. Your marketing campaigns on Google Plus should target both existing and potential clients. If you maintain solid relationships with current clients on Google Plus, they will keep coming back and will recommend your products and services to their friends and family members.

Applying good marketing techniques on Google Plus will make your clients feel valued and special. There are many techniques you can use to build relationships with your clients on Google Plus. The simplest technique involves asking your clients for their opinions. Engaging with clients on Google Plus will make them feel more involved in your business. Google Plus provides a platform for establishing relationships with your clients.

How to Use Google+ to Expand Your Business Influence
One of the easiest and most affordable means of promoting your business is to use Google Plus. Millions of people are using this social networking site to connect with others. Google Plus provides a virtual window to free online promotion. Promoting your business on Google Plus can also be fun because it provides a means of fostering casual and friendly relationships with potential and existing clients. Here are tips on how to use Google Plus to expand your business influence:

  • Sign up on Google Plus. This is free for all users.
  • Decide the type of clients to target and connect with. Google Plus allows you to browse user profiles and add them to your circles. Browse for people whose interests and hobbies relate to your business and add them to your business circle. Once you add target people to your circles, you can interact with them through public posts or private messages.
  • Interact with your clients on a personal level. Though, Google Plus provides an effective marketing platform, overdoing your interactions with clients make your messages lean more towards advertising than networking. Mention your business, products and services while interacting with clients, but do not overdo it. Maintain casual conversations with your clients and talk about topics relevant to your business.
  • Circulate links to your blog articles, bulletins, comments and events to people in your business circle on Google Plus. Google Plus allows you to link to any page relevant to your business. Circulating links allows you to drive more traffic to your Google Plus profile.
  • If you advertise your business on multiple websites, let your clients on Google Plus know that. You may include links to your profiles on other social networking sites.
  • Keep your Google Plus web page active. The most effective way to use Google Plus to advertise your business is to remain active. This involves posting items, adding new contacts and interacting with people in your professional circles regularly. Make your online business presence known to draw attention from other users and increase the ranking of your Google Plus profile on search engines.

How to Encourage Google+ Fans to Share Your Content
Follow Google Plus Rules
While Google Plus policies allow for rewards, there are some rules to follow. If you promote your business app on Google Plus, you cannot reward users solely for sending app requests to other users. However, you can reward users based on the number of friends who accept the app request. Google Plus rewards may be in the form of points or credits to be used in a game. You may also reward fans of your profile page, provided the rewards apply to both new and existing clients.

Offer Coupons or Discounts
Persuade people in your Google Plus circles to share your content by offering exclusive discounts and coupons. For example, you may post a image of your product and encourage your fans to share it in exchange for 20 percent off coupons. You can send coupons to all users who share the content and the image of your product will appear in both your fans’ pages as well as the pages of people in their circles. This helps to promote your business name and products.

Donate to Charity
Many people do not mind helping others and being known for it. You can appeal to the philanthropic nature of people in your circles by doing some good and gaining new fans as a result. You could establish a campaign that donates a dollar for every comment about products on your business page. This will encourage current followers to spread the word about your products and services, and make people view your business positively.

Make It Easy
Make the content that you share on Google Plus easier for people in your business circle to share and understand. If you are running a reward promotion, spell out its rules and conditions so that your business fans know exactly what they need to do to get the reward. In addition, make it easier for fans to understand and share those rules and conditions.

How to Grow Your Google+ Engagement
Developing a customer engagement strategy is a long-term investment strategy for your business. Google Plus engagement encourages customers to buy more products, give more referrals, provide quality feedback and remain loyal to your business. Creating customer engagement on Google Plus involves using various techniques to create and maintain an interactive relationship with customers. Effective customer engagement strategies give clients a reason to browse through your Google Plus business profile.

Optimize your Profile Page
Make sure clients can find you on Google Plus. Implement an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and include relevant keywords throughout the content of your Google Plus profile. Update content and provide good page navigation. An effective online navigation system is one that has an easy-to-find navigation bar as well as links to relevant content on other sites. Provide excellent descriptions of your products and services on your Google Plus page. Include links to your Google Plus profiles in all your business advertisements.

Search for keywords that your target customers use to find information on the Internet and use those keywords to improve your search engine optimization campaigns. Research the web pages that send traffic to your Google Plus page and learn more about your customers’ browsing habits.

First Impressions
First impressions truly last. Create an attractive Google Plus profile with quality content. Your customer engagement strategy should be able to stimulate your customers in different ways. An attractive looking profile helps to engage your customers visually. Use attractive images of your products to reinforce the written content on your Google Plus page. However, avoid over-stimulating customers with excess animations and complicated graphics.

Multiple Interactions
Provide multiple means of interacting with customers on Google Plus. For example, let your clients rate content on your page and indicate whether the content was useful or not. You can also increase engagement by providing feedback and encouraging your customers to provide ideas on how your business can improve their customer experience. Allow customers to comment on your content, products and services without leaving your Google Plus page.

Focus on Current Clients
Encourage clients to share information on your page with other people in their circles. It is important to know that your current clients are your best sales force and you should provide channels to help them spread the word. Tie-in your page with other social networking sites to allow customers to share content across multiple networks.

Make sure that your employees know about the information on your Google Plus page as well as other helpful facts about the products and services offered by your business. Make sure the information provided on your Google Plus page is consistent with those provided in your advertisements and storefront.

How to Create a Google+ Community to Grow Your Business
Whether they are your neighbors, former classmates or people around the globe who share your interests, a Google Plus community provides a home base for people in your circle.

Have rich conversations
Post attractive photos and engaging videos promoting your products and services. You can also use Google hangouts for face-to-face discussions with your clients. Stay connected to your Google Plus communities while on the go from a mobile device.

Explore your interests
Your business Google Plus community helps you to bring people around your products and services. Engage your customers in public and private communities, and exchange news and ideas.

Join public communities
No matter the type of products and services your business deals with, there are people on Google Plus who are interested in those products and services. Search for public communities relevant to your products and services and join the conversation. Google Plus communities allow you to learn new things and make friends.

Get friends involved
Communities are more engaging with the right people. Use the “invite” button to bring target clients into your conversations. You can also share communities that you like on your Google Plus page.

Invite friends
There are many ways to get customers involved on Google Plus communities including providing tips for using your products and services, sharing reviews of your products and services and planning events using Google+ Events.

How to Use Google+ for Social Media Contests

  • Make sure the content on your Google Plus page is well publicized on other websites. Mention your contests in every blog post and advertisement and publicize it on all your Google Plus pages.
  • Email your most loyal customers and those who have subscribed to your business newsletter. These should be the first people to know about the contest.
  • Use your social media outlets including Google Plus to promote your contest. Let the people in your business circle on Google Plus know about your contest and they will spread the word about the it. Post frequent updates about your contest on your Google Plus page and entice them with great prizes to be won.

There are millions of active users on Google Plus all over the globe. This provides businesses a free tool for promoting their products and services. Business owners use Google Plus to engage their customers, build trust, attract new customers and build relationships.

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