How Important Is Responsive Web Design?

How Important Is Responsive Web Design?
When you look around at the tremendous amount of gadgets on the market today, it’s not shocking to discover that mobile Internet usage is predicted to increase overwhelmingly by 2015 with a growth of 16% from 2010. The old-time favorite, the desktop, will be going by the wayside as people increase their use of mobile devices like iPhones, smartphones, and tablets. A tiny device in your hand can now achieve tasks that were once performed on desktops. Internet surfing, QR codes, purchasing products, selling products, checking emails, browsing websites, all are within easy reach of the consumer. 

So, how is the mobile gadget tsunami affecting business? Well, one thing is for sure, the change in the way people are consuming online information and viewing websites calls for a shakeup in the way your business presents its website via mobile devices. A scaled down version of a standard website is not enough, your website must be mobile friendly as well. In most instances, this is not a dominant concern. Your website can be designed for desktop users and another site especially for mobile users. However, it is possible to have your site function equally well on both a desktop and mobile device, the answer is “responsive web design.” 
What Is Responsive Web Design?
Responsive design is a website designed in a manner in which all content, images, and structure of the site remains in tact on any number of devices. For example, when you access one of your favorite websites on a desktop, you are getting the total view of the site. If you go to that same site on your tablet or iPad, the site will reorganize itself to fit on the smaller screen. In other words, the website will not suddenly turn into some obscure image you will hardly recognize on your device. 
What’s so great about responsive website design is the need to change devices for viewing different websites is removed. If the site looks good on your iPad, it should look just as appealing on any tablet or mobile phone. In any event, there are a few extremely valuable reasons why you should make the change to responsive design for your website. Fortunately, there are experts like Links Web Design who can effectively hook you up with a fantastic site that can breeze right through any device on the market today. 
Making The Switch Is Painless
In the past, websites were originally designed for desktop users and mobile device versions were inadequate functional wise. There were too many “bells and whistles” integrated into the desktop version. Choosing what is most central to a viewer on a mobile gadget with restricted bandwidth, processing capabilities, and screen dimensions, means getting rid of the riff-raff and becoming more focused on what is essential. The goal is to offer a better experience to your customer. 
Still, some businesses have not made the transformation to this important trend. Whether it is because they are not aware of responsive design or due to a tight budget, mobile usage has skyrocketed and it’s time to get on the ball. Here are a few stats about how much mobile usage has increased. 

• Over 20% of Google searches are currently performed on some type of mobile device
• A few years ago, over half of all regional searches were carried out on a mobile device
• Emails totaling 25.85% are opened on mobile phones, with an additional 10.16% opened on tablets
• Smartphones total 1.08 billion and 3.05 are SMS enabled out of 4 billion mobile phones total
Time And Money Issues
The idea that creating a responsive website will be the death nail to your budget is simply not true. The truth is, though the expenditures to create a responsive website will cost a bit more than developing a traditional website, you save because that one site is designed to fit any mobile device. That tremendously cuts down development costs. Furthermore, a responsive design reduces the total ownership cost by way of abolishing the need to keep up multiple versions of your website such as a desktop and mobile version. In the long run, investing in responsive website design is the smartest move you can make business and technologically wise. 
The Consumer Experience
Though content rules and breaking down that content is leading success metrics, the consumer’s experience enables them to take in content on any website via the gadget of their choice at anytime. Therefore, responsive web design revolves around offering consumers the best user experience regardless of whether they use a desktop, tablet, iPad, smartphone or smart-TV. 
Google Calls The Shots
Why is responsive design high on Google’s list? First of all, it is more efficient for Google’s bot to crawl the site, afterwards index, and then organize all the content that is online. The reason being is with responsive design; all websites have only one URL, and identical HTML with all devices. When a business has both a desktop and mobile site, a different URL and HTML is used for each. This makes Google crawl and index manifold adaptations of the same exact site. 
In addition, with only one site and URL, it is a great deal easier for users to share, interact, and connect with content on that site compared to a site with varying pages for mobile and desktop users. Google is fine with that as well. The reason why is because someone may share a mobile site on a social network and one of their connections might view the same mobile site on their desktop. However, that viewer will be watching a less than stellar site because it was actually designed for mobile. This disappoints users. 
Google understands that disappointed users will go somewhere else causing bounce-rates to grow and the site will disappear from mobile searches. This creates chaos with Google’s external link algorithm causing on-page inaccuracies harming a site’s SEO. Overall, it’s just not cool and bad businesses for both Google and all websites not receiving any benefit from responsive design. 
Boost Conversion Rates
Besides the fantastic search benefits in addition to making users happy, responsive design is capable of increasing conversation rates from all mobile users around the globe. The reason being is if a website is not functioning on a mobile or other gadget, users will predictably be unable to convert. Think about all the people shopping via a mobile device. The percentage is astronomical at any given time. 
Therefore, when users have to do more work than required to complete a conversion, it’s less likely they will convert. Nonetheless, it goes a little beyond that. For instance, because a responsive website design can fine-tune to any screen, developers have control over how all those conversion components will appear on various mobile gadgets. 
As a final point, responsive design allows you to perform vital high-end A/B testing and heat mapping that can be achieved through software like Optimizely and Clicktale. In other words, you can compartmentalize users by their mobile device and acquire a better view of how those users are intermingling with your site. Doing this allows you to discover what sales strategies and marketing techniques are working, and those that are not. Having this information helps you to increase conversion rates. 
You Have To Keep Up!
In the world of business, you have to stay on top of your competition. Therefore, if the amount of users utilizing mobile devices is consistently increasing, you have to cater to their needs by creating a mobile conducive site. Moreover, 85% of adults believe that mobile sites are just as functional, or better than, desktop sites. 
Take It Easy
Keep this in mind, it you have different desktop and mobile websites; the need to manage differing SEO campaigns for each site will be a requirement. Being on the business end of things, you will find it much easier to manage one SEO campaign and one website. It’s just practical and makes perfect sense. Not only that, you satisfy your customers and those working on your site in the process. Don’t forget, because there is only one site to manage, responsive design is more economically sound as well. 
This Is What It Boils Down To 
Internet traffic originating from mobile gadgets is rapidly rising every day. With more and more Internet users browsing the web on their mobile devices, it is imprudent to think that the current trend is something you can “easily bypass” until it boils over. It’s not the case. The “one site fits all” for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices is becoming the norm. 
One thing responsive web design has practically eradicated is flashy, over-the-top sites that place quantity over quality. Internet users today prefer to “get to their destination” quickly. Browsing takes on a different meaning when a mobile device is used. In most cases, the user knows what they want. When your site pops-up online, going through fancy intros and flashing lights is not their idea of a pleasant viewing experience. In order for your site to be more attractive to users, you should have quality content and design, ease of navigation, and something that won’t consume your budget. If that’s what you are looking for, Links Web may be your solution. 
How Links Web Design Can Help You
There are two ways to get anything done: the right way and the wrong way. Links Web Design will develop a workable website for you that is functional across all mobile devices, the right way. This includes:
  • Hand Crafted Website Design – Your site is “tailor made” specifically for you. No pre-made templates are used. Your distinctive brand and image will be fully reflected in your website. 
  • Ease Of Website Navigation – Your site will encompass all the core services and products in your website’s navigation. This is crucial; Internet users want to experience quick and easy navigation on a clear page that takes them “directly” to where they want to go. 
  • Clear Call To Action – Prospective customers will easily comprehend the next step to begin working with you. 
  • Responsive To Every Device – Your site will automatically restructure for the best possible display on any device with an up-to-date web browser. This includes any devices in the future. 
  • Social Networking Capabilities – Your website will be designed in a manner that permits visitors to engage with your company brand through any social media network. 
  • Security – Security is of the utmost importance and Links Web Design will give you peace of mind because your website and your customer’s data is well protected. 
  • Website Updates – Updates are automatic, this way you can concentrate on your business and not your website. 
The “proof is in the pudding” and Links Web Design makes scrumptious desserts! 

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