Nyle Systems

Nyle Systems

(Bangor, Maine) August 23, 2017- Links Web Design is proud to announce the launch of a new site for Nye Systems, located in Brewer, Maine. Nyle Systems has over 40 years experience building and selling state of the art lumber kilns, food dehydrators, and heat pump water heaters. All their products are made right here in the USA!

Lumber: Nyle makes energy efficient lumber drying kilns in all sizes, from small to industrial. Their closed system kilns can dry hardwood and softwood lumber, as well as heat treat palettes and firewood. They offer high quality controls with every kiln system.

Food: Nyle makes energy efficient food dehydrators and dryers. Perfect for beef jerky, fruit, pet treats, and so much more. Many models are available for a variety of uses and configurations. Find the setup that is perfect for your needs.

Water: Nyle also makes energy efficient heat pump water heaters. These units can reduce cost and improve efficiency. Their Geyser series of heat pump water heaters are cutting edge, and come in air source, water source, and modular water source.

Nyle Systems, LLC
12 Stevens Rd.
Brewer, Maine 04412

(800) 777-6953