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We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again. Blogging is one of the best things you can do to increase your organic, unpaid ranking with search engines and establish a positive rapport with your customers. We’ve explained why you should blog.

Now, it’s time to explore some different ways you can keep your posts fresh and interesting for your readers. Maintaining your blog doesn’t have to be super time-consuming or dull. You can make every minute count.

Incorporate these content techniques into future posts:

1. Tutorials & How-To

Writing a tutorial or “how-to” for your blog is a great way to fulfill a customer’s need and validate your customer service skills. You don’t have to write about something complicated.

For example, if you own a flower shop, your tutorial may be something as simple as “How To Tell If Your Plant Needs Water.” Just outline a few simple steps. Remind your readers that you’re there to answer any questions.

2. Review

Reviews can help strengthen and expand your customer base. To continue with our flower shop example, you may write a post about a particular kind of potting soil.

Those who purchased a plant from your store may use that information as a resource when caring for it. Prospective customers may be intrigued to buy from you because you seem knowledgeable about the subject.

3. Informative

Sometimes when customers have questions, they just want the facts. No frills, no fuss. Let’s say you decided to write about types of plants for your flower shop blog.

A simple list format in the body of your post may be effective in this situation. State the fact. Then, write a couple of sentences to elaborate.

4. Problem & Solution

If you helped a customer solve a problem that you think others would be interested in, why not share it? You can state the problem and offer the solution in general terms. If the customer you assisted doesn’t object, give some more personal background information on the scenario. Explain what you did to help them.

5. FAQs

You might find yourself answering similar questions from multiple customers. If this is the case, a Frequently Asked Questions blog post is a good way to address each one. Pose the question. Then, provide a clear, concise answer.

A major advantage to blogging is that it doesn’t have to follow the same formality as the other sections of your site. You can use a more casual voice to write about any aspect of your business you wish.

Getting creative with how you deliver your information makes coming up with topics less difficult for you and keeps the content more interesting for your readers.
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