The “Secret” of How To Pop to the Top of Google

The “Secret” of How To Pop to the Top of Google

One question we’re often asked is “What’s the secret to getting my website to the top of Google?” The “secret” is deceptively simple in that there is no secret. Google has made it public knowledge from the beginning how to come up on top. Create quality content that people will want to read and share.

What this really means, is that in order to rank high on Google, your website needs:
  1. Useful, properly formatted content that’s pertinent to the search the user made
  2. Relevant links from other web pages that lead to your website

If you follow technology or business news, you’ll regularly read about how Google has changed its search algorithm and thousands of websites have been negatively affected. When you read this you may wonder, was my website one of those? Perhaps it was, but if you have quality content that people want to read and share, then your website most likely moved up in search results, not down. This is because the updates that Google makes to their search algorithms are meant to lower or remove websites that do not have quality content and improve the ranking for websites that do.

Over the years we’ve heard many “arguments” against creating quality content like “I’m in a niche field and no one will link to my website” or “I’m a small local business and no one will link to my website.” Both of these arguments don’t hold up. When you publish quality content on your website, it will eventually rank better than the competitive websites that have lower-quality content.

To put this all together, having quality content on your website is your single best to-do item to improve your Google search position. Google will always do its best to reward quality content and devalue poor content.┬áIt’s also important your content be properly formatted, follow web standards, and contain relevant keywords. That gets a bit more technical and is a topic for future blog posts.
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