11 Tips For Successful Video Blogging

11 Tips For Successful Video Blogging
One of the most effective ways to build a connection with an audience in the current business landscape is through video blogging. However, as more people find the success in the medium, your success hinges on being more precise than your competition.
Here are a few of the best tips that you can use in order to create a successful video blog.

First, make sure that the audio is as good as it possibly can be.
It may seem somewhat backwards to begin a tip section about video blogging talking about audio. However, the fact is that no one will watch your video if your audio is not acceptable. 
Most camcorders these days come with a small mic in port. This is not the audio that you want if you can help it. Buy a cheap external microphone – Shure is a brand that is trusted by professionals and is very cost effective – and plug it into that port. You will get sound that is infinitely better and increase your view count and stickiness.
You may consider mixing the audio and video together using SMPTE time code that is available on all major video editing programs if you cannot get a mic that fits into your camera.
Second, make sure that the lighting on your video is correct.
If you spend any money at all on a video, this is where your money should go. The proper lighting makes everything else work. It is even more important than the type of camera do you use. As a matter of fact, most modern digital cameras are more than good enough for Youtube, even the cheap ones. However, if your lighting is off, there is no amount of postproduction that can fix it.

If you do not have the money to purchase artificial lights, then take advantage of natural light. The sun should always be behind the camera or slightly to the side of it in order to take full advantage of natural light.

If you have money for artificial lights, there are some tried-and-true methods for lighting that work in most videos.

Your main light should usually be to the right of the camera. It is usually placed anywhere from 30 to 36 inches above the eye level of the subject. This emulates the lighting of the sun.

The next most important light is called the “fill light.” You place this light on the other side of the camera in order to fill up the shadows that the key light produces.

The backlight is placed behind the main subject of the video. It will help to bring more prominence to the head in the shoulders of whoever’s talking.

Third, get the best camera that you can.
Although video blogs should not endeavor to be fully professional, having a great camera certainly adds the attractiveness of a video. The features of your camera are much more important than overall resolution; however, 4K resolution is the market standard these days. Get a camera that has it, because all of the major video sites are moving to it within the next few years.
As stated before, if you can get a camera with an external mic in, that is a great feature to have as well. Storage is less important because cameras are coming with large onboard internal storage capabilities; however, if you want to backup your work, then you will need a camera with an SD card slot.
Cameras with batteries need to be able to be recharged on the fly. If you purchase a camera with a battery, go ahead and purchase a spare battery as well so that you will not run out of juice on long shoots.
If you are a video blogger, it is likely that you will shoot videos on your own at some point. This means that your camera should be able to mount itself on a tripod in order to steady itself.
Fourth, if you do not have the money for a camera, you can use screen capScreen capture in order to create a video blog.
There are programs like Camtasia for PC computers and ScreenFlow for Apple computers that can capture your screen in order to create video blogs with audio. Although you will not be able to produce moving images, you can still produce a very entertaining video that people will watch.
If you use twitter a great deal, there is an application called Screenr that allows you to capture your screen from the Internet.
Fifth, for simple edits, you can edit your video on YouTube itself.
The secret to video blogging is to create a sense of professionalism without being overly polished. This means that your editing should be kept to a minimum; however, there may be some use for it judiciously.
Most of the editing that you will need to do can be done in YouTube itself. Ever since YouTube was purchased by Google, its onboard editing tools have increased in every business cycle. Sign in with your Google credentials and play around with the editing tools that are available to you there.
There are free editing tools that come with every PC in Apple Computer, namely MovieMaker and iMovie. The editing functions that are on these programs are good enough for most amateur bloggers; however if you need to move up to a professional program, Final Cut and Sony Vegas Studio HD are the industry standards.
Sixth, do not think that you have to limit your distribution to YouTube.
Although YouTube is definitely the biggest distribution channel for video bloggers, is not the only one. Until you can audience that is substantial enough to be viewed on YouTube enough to get you to the front page for more visibility, you may consider one of the smaller video blogging distribution sites in order to limit your competition.
You should also consider niche blogging websites in order to focus your efforts on the industry in which you are competing. This will cut down on the overall noise that your audience would otherwise have to go through in order to view your videos.
Seventh, make sure you integrate your blog with the other aspects of your online marketing campaign.
One of the mistakes that many video bloggers make is that they believe great video blogs lead straight sales. Video blogs are more effective as a tool of visibility and information capture. In order to convert customers, you’ll need to combine video blogs with marketing for your landing page, advertising campaign and public relation structure.
Make sure that you brand your video blogs in the same way you brand all of your other Internet marketing. Most importantly, be sure that you are performing the correct analytics to understand exactly what your audience likes and dislikes about your video blogs. Many of the major video blogging channels come with free tools that provide you all of the analytics that you need.
Eighth, consider distribution networking help.
If you are trying to break through on a big website like YouTube, you can help yourself by aligning your content with one of the many niche distributors that focus on marketing to certain audiences. You may have to give up some of the revenue from your videos in order to do this; however, if you have no revenue in the first place, this is not a bad deal.
Ninth, consider Skype interviews as part of your video blogging repertoire.
Some of the most successful video blogs have been recorded conversations of interesting people on Skype. If you have trouble physically reaching the subjects that you need in order to create an interesting blog, use online connection tools such as Skype so that you can create content that viewers will enjoy.
Tenth, connect your blogs to all of your other social media pages.
Ideally, your video blog will be only one aspect of your overall online marketing campaign. It will be used alongside your advertisements and organic search engine optimization techniques in order to provide a consistently changing yet appropriately branded product to your customers. 
Believe it or not, people may tire of your video blogs no matter how interesting they may be. This is why you need to mix it with other content on your Facebook and Twitter pages.
Lastly, find the rhythm for releasing videos.
Releasing videos too often may bore your audience. Releasing them not often enough will not allow you to create the continuity that you need in order to keep an audience. You need to find the rhythm that your particular market wants. This can only be done through experimentation and proper analysis. Watch your view count closely as well as how sticky your videos are with your target market.

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