Making The Most Out Of Your Youtube Videos

Making The Most Out Of Your Youtube Videos
One of the greatest internet tools of promotion is YouTube, which allows anyone to upload videos of any type for nearly any purpose. With over 30 million visitors per day, YouTube is the first place most people go when they are looking for a video. However, when over a hundred hours of video are being put on YouTube every single minute, how on Earth can you make your videos stand out among the hundreds of millions of others? Here are some tips on how to tweak your vids for maximum search results.

Your goal should be to optimize your video by using the most intriguing title, the best keywords, tags and descriptions. Don’t stuff the video with keywords, as you reach a point of diminishing returns if you have much more than ten of them. Therefore, begin by listing all the relevant keywords you can think of, then narrow it down to the best dozen. Always include keywords and tags that reveal where the video was filmed and any relevant names. 
A intriguing title is just as important to a video as it is to a book. The best titles tell the viewer what they can expect to see, but it can a challenge sometimes to summarize a video into a brief sentence or phrase. In general, the shorter and more concise the title is, the better it will work to attract viewers. Aim for a title of less than 125 characters and make it as descriptive as possible. Always include at least one of your keywords in the title. 
The description section of the video is a great place to intrigue your readers, ideally while also using your best keywords. Don’t try too hard to use them, as keyword stuffing comes across as spammy. Make your description have an easy, natural flow. At some point in the description, perhaps at the top, include a link to your own website, thereby turning your videos into natural promotional tools for your other relevant projects. As a bonus, such a back link will raise the search rank of the site you are linking to.
The Thumbnail
YouTube will automatically provide a picture from your video that people will see before they play it. Generally, it is whatever happens to be at the half-way point of the video, and the resulting image is seldom the most effective one you could use. Take the time to customize the thumbnail so it makes a good first impression that will tempt visitors to watch your video.
Quality Counts
No matter what you do to promote your video, always remember that there is no substitute for quality. The best promoted video in the world will ultimately flop if it can’t deliver the quality content viewers demand. As long as you have solid content, maximum optimization, an intriguing title, a compelling description with a well-chosen thumbnail, your video will be sure to have the best chance of reaching its intended audience. 

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