6 Must-Have “Above the Fold” Home Page Features to Improve Conversion

6 Must-Have “Above the Fold” Home Page Features to Improve Conversion

The same concept can be used in web design. Of course, there is no literal “fold” – just an area of the website that a customer sees first. When assessing the “fold” on the homepage of your website, keep in mind that the viewing area will differ based on screen size (ex. a computer, tablet, or mobile phone).

To decide what to include “above the fold” on your website’s homepage, remember – don’t overcrowd, and make sure to include these 6 things:

1) Your logo

Strengthen your brand and increase brand recognition by including your logo “above the fold” of your site.

2) Navigation that shows what you do

The navigation items on your site should be a to-the-point demonstration of what your business has to offer, presented in a way that is easy for your customers to use and understand.

3) Your basic contact info

Make sure customers know how to get in touch with you. If you’re worried about overcrowding, you don’t necessarily need to include your full business address at the top of the page, just your preferred contact method, such as your phone number or email address.

4) A value proposition

The value proposition of your site is a brief piece of content that tells customers why they should do business with you. Consider what makes your business unique to your competitors, and highlight it in a short sentence or two.

5) Call to action

While the value proposition tells customers why they should do business with you, the call to action explains what you want customers to do on your site. Your message should be clear, concise, and accompanied by a way for customers to fulfill it (like clicking a button, or signing up for a newsletter).

6) Who you are, what you do

Although this should be clear from your logo, navigation and value proposition. this section goes into a little more detail about your business. While it should still be brief, it’s an opportunity to elaborate on your value proposition and highlight any important points that you might have missed. Consider this content a place for you to build a good rapport with your customers.

Putting it all together:

To wrap it all up, the content “above the fold” on your website is a great opportunity to strengthen your brand, tell visitors what your site has to offer, and turn those visitors into customers. With the support of a good web design and appropriate content, your website can be your most powerful marketing tool and give you a competitive edge amongst other businesses in your field.
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