Improve Your Daily Social Media Marketing Routine

Improve Your Daily Social Media Marketing Routine
A High ROI is the lifeblood of a successful social marketing campaign. Would you like to increase your chances of success?  Are you simply getting by while doing the bare minimum when it comes to your daily promotion?  Doing the bare minimum is not enough, but it does not take a lot of effort to improve your social media process and see an ROI increase.
This overview will cover 4 simple social media routines that you can use to easily transform your campaigns into a social media success.

1. Increase industry authority by following and posting up to the minute industry news:
Posting instructional updates and connecting with your prospects through social media is important, but it is also important to keep up on the trending topics in your industry. To be seen as an expert in your niche, it is also important that the updates that you do post are not only relevant but also timely.
There are always things happening in your industry, and being the first to let your prospects know about them is a great way to show that you are an authority in your field and that the information that you give to them is not dated information that could be collected from other sources first.
There are several ways to make sure that you have access to the most recent industry information. The faster you collect information on your niche, the sooner you can relay it to your audience. The two ways that we will be discussing are Google Alerts and Brook.
Keeping up on the newest posts by your competitors and complimentary publishers is simple with the help of Google alerts.
Google Alerts offers a straightforward interface that you can use to keep tabs on new information. The only requirements are to enter the search terms that relate to the information that you would like kept up to date on and the method that you would like the notifications delivered. Currently both RSS feeds and email are supported.
There is no limit on the number of terms that you can track, but only a small set of terms should be used to keep the clutter in your inbox or RSS feeder to a minimum. You should also make sure that you set the timing of the notifications to suit your needs and that your search terms are specific enough to retrieve only the information that you find useful.
Once you have alerts set up for basic terms, you can then move on to also setting up alerts to follow the information and activities of your competitors, major players in your industry, and for mentions of your chosen keywords by others.
Another tool that allow you to keep track of the trending news in your industry is Brook. Brook takes advantage of the social media site Twitter. When using Brook, you are able to get notifications from Twitter on a daily basis listing the five most important updates posted by uses that you are interested in keeping up with.
Using Brook is a great way to maintain knowledge about the important information that is current to your industry. It offers recommendations for individuals that you should follow. Choose wisely and only follow those that are offering up to date information, as this is the main reason for using this tool.
2. Multiple Shares Increase Content Popularity:
Using RSS feeds and other content curation tools can definitely help you to maintain control over the content that you are using for research and post brainstorming. Making the most out of the content that you post is surely a matter of quality, but quantity does play a major role in the popularity of your updates. Content that is only shared once is often only seen once, thus reducing the chances of people not viewing at the time to have access to the material.
It has been proven time and time again that sharing updates more than one time has significant effect on the number of clicks and re-shares that a piece of content receives. Sharing content more than one time without becoming annoying across several channels is a proven solution for making sure that your content receives the attention that it deserves.
In order to make sure that you’re not perceived as a spammer and that your content retains a fresh feel, change the way that you display it. Rewrite it, present it in graphical form or use other tactics to make sure that it gets presented on multiple platforms in various ways ensuring distribution to your audience widely and effectively.
Finding content to re-share that supports the point that you are trying to get across by industry influencers is also a great way to get your message across, while at the same time adding credibility to your statements and encouraging interaction from other niche insiders.
3. Streamline your Social Media with Automation:
Content creation and industry research is one of the most important and time intensive tasks in social media marketing. The right tools to automate the curation segment of your content research, creation, and placement campaigns can make all the difference in the world.
Two of the handiest tools that a social media content provider can have in their toolbox are RSS feed and Pocket.
RSS feeds save you time by allowing you to have your favorite industry blog posts and social media updates brought directly to you without the added burden of web browsing and Internet searches.
A great way to gather all of your RSS feeds together into handy lists is to use Feedly. Feedly is simple to use. Simply type in the term of the content that you would like to receive RSS feed information on, and choose the websites that you would like information from. Feedly will then compile these feeds into a handy list for further research and browsing when you want it. Whenever a new post shows on your chosen sites, your Feedly account will automatically display this information for you to read, save, or share with your audience.
Getting up to date information for immediate use is extremely important but sometimes you see information that you might want to simply save for later use. What do you do then? That is where Pocket comes in handy.
Pocket is a simple yet powerful application. It allows you to save URLs of information that you would like to use later by way of a browser plugin or by emailing links to your Pocket account. Twitter and other social media websites are easily compatible with applications for saving content for later use, allowing you to take advantage of these services no matter where you are on-line.
4. When in Rome…:
Getting the most out of every social media network you interact with is a challenge. Each social site has its own intricacies, as well as available tools for you to take advantage of them. Make sure that you are optimizing your content not only for the search engines, but also for each social media site you post to. Learning to do as the Romans do on each site will not only make your content come across more effectively but it will also help you to make sure that yu reach out to the widest possible audience, especially those who are ardent users of the social site that you are targeting.
Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn all have their own special ways of doing things. Twitter use well-known for its 140 character limit, but inline images and twitter cards, and third-party plugins can help you to make sure that your twitter content is rich, interesting and appealing. 
Facebook is more graphical and allows for more content space than twitter, so using content that visually rich is recommended for both sites, and even more when looking to approach Facebook users. Facebook allows for easy video embedding and is a great way to allow content consumption directly from your account without making the user click away to another site.
Both Facebook and Google+ provide business pages, but unlike some other social networks that have a specific business orientation over-promotion is not acceptable. Entertainment, and not dry information or promotional material is the best way to attract Twitter and Facebook users.
Both LinkedIn and Google+ are great places to share business information. Without being too forceful, it is easy to engage in commercial conversations on both networks. LinkedIn has the advantage of being the largest professional social network on the Internet so promotion is somewhat acceptable and expected. Google+allows you to segment your audience into circles, so that only the information you want to go out to specific groups gets sent to them based on your own personal circle segmentation criteria. Google+ is a great place to A-B test content by grouping and LinkedIn is an excellent choice for all of your company announcements through your business page.
Using a more complete and holistic approach to your social media sharing can help you achieve your goals of more clicks, shares, and ultimately a higher ROI on your content efforts. Using these four steps will move you from simply posting updates to a social site to actually engaging with the social media audience.
If you have any comments, advice, or would like to share your experiences with the use of the techniques mentioned feel free to drop us a comment here.

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