Should You Break Search Optimization (SEO) Rules?

Should You Break Search Optimization (SEO) Rules?
If you regularly work with your website, you may understand that there are proven best practices that have consistently shown others great results. By understanding these best practices, you essentially can copy what is known to yield success, and you can reasonably expect to achieve similar results. However, there may be instances when you should not always go with the flow and follow the rules. By understanding when to break the SEO rules, you can more effectively maximize the benefits that search engine optimization provides. 

Best Practices Evolve
First, it is important to remember that best practices are based on what we know search engines like Google like and on techniques others have been successful with.  As more techniques and methods are attempted, best practices will inevitably evolve. Therefore, what is tried and true today may not provide the best results for tomorrow. There are many ways to accomplish a goal, and best practices are just one of several options available with SEO. By stepping outside the box from time to time and breaking the “SEO rules”, you may discover a better way to get results. 
Your Return on Investment for New Website Pages
Your return on investment for SEO will be based on the amount of time, effort and resources put into the activity, and it will also be based on the return you realize from those costs. When your goal is to maximize your ROI, sometimes cutting corners is necessary, but not recommended. While best practices may provide the best results possible from SEO sometimes, these practices do not always make the best use of time or resources. 
Making Adjustments As You Go
When you develop a new page or have had a full website created for you, you may follow best practices initially. Best practices, after all, provide you with a sound blueprint that can generate good results. However, as you analyze the data from your website, you may eventually begin to tweak the each page to determine if variations to certain search engine optmization items should be adjusted slightly for better results. 
Your ROI on Existing Pages
When you make changes to existing pages, it is important to weigh the value of the time and effort put into those pages. Certainly, you want to make changes that produce superior results, but you understand that you need to weigh the benefit the results would provide against the cost of those activities. For example, if your content is top notch on your website already, an alternative may be to build back-links and establish a presence with social media.  However, these may not be activities with a higher ROI than optimizing page elements. 
The bottom line is to use best practices for SEO as a guidelines or blueprint. However, sometimes the best results are produced when you step away from the path most followed and forge ahead. By understanding best practices for SEO and by keeping in mind activities that may produce the highest ROI, you can make a more informed decision about your website and it’s pages.

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